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Give Your Patients The
Smile They've Always Wanted

Integral Smile is the digital tooth alignment system that provides a virtually invisible orthodontic appliance that any doctor can offer their patients.

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Integral Smile is a great option to correct your patient's smile and generate more revenue for your practice. Give your patients the straight teeth they are looking for at a more affordable rate.

The best news is that there are no long term contracts or commitments. We can get started right away.

Your patients know about digital tooth aligners but likely think they can't afford it.
Maybe you thought you couldn't afford it either.

Increase Revenue

Another stream of income builds your practice to new levels.

Serve Happy Patients

Patients love the option of a cost-effective digital aligner that works as well as anything else on the market.

Let Us Do The Work

You don't need a digital scanner! Send us a mold and we do all the work to design your patient's new smile and set up the trays.

We Train
Your Team

We teach you and your team the digital process and how to market this product.

Using what you send us, we do all the tooth aligning.

We Design
For You

We will send you the trays within 2 weeks of approval.

We Send The Trays

Saving money with a great smile creates many happy patients.

You Grow Your Practice

About Integral Dental Lab

Based out of Vancouver, B.C., we are passionate about helping doctors all over British Columbia grow their practice. We are proud to offer Integral Smile as a service they can offer their patients to help them get the smile they've always wanted.

"Quality and technology to grow your dental practice."

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These doctors have discovered the advantages of Integral Smile.


Dr. Jordan Miller

North Shore Orthodontics

"Integral's work is exceptional. They have become an extension of our office family. The workflow is seamless as everything is directly uploaded from our scanner to Integral. This allows for a decrease in the turnover time as well as less chance for error."

"The Integral Smile digital tooth alignment system is what I recommend to patients looking to correct minor misalignment of anterior teeth. Digital dentistry is made easy working with their knowledgeable staff."

Image Smiles Dental

Dr. Jim Yeganegi

Here's How You Partner With Our Lab

You'll be amazed at what offering Integral Smile can do for your clients and practice.

Send A Scan, Model Or Impression


Approve Our Digital Design


Look Like A Star With Your Patients


Send an email or give us a call to determine what works best. We can convert to digital files if necessary.

You will restore their smile, gain their trust, and and increase your practice’s revenue.

We print the models and fabricate the trays for your patient

No long term contracts.

No scans.

We can start right away.

You can start creating happy, smiling patients and earn extra revenue for your practice.

Partner With Us

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